Terms & Conditions

Charter Fees and Deposits

Charterer agrees to pay the deposit and all other payments at the time specified. Any additional services requested while under way shall be paid for at the time requested. Payment shall be in the form of cash, certified check, money order, approved company check, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Purchase orders will not be accepted for payment without prior approval from an agent of Aqua Safari Charters, LLC.


All events will be prepaid. A deposit of the full amount of the public charter rate is due at the time of booking. A deposit of at least ½ of the full charter price on private charters is due at the time of booking. Any balance is due upon boarding the boat on the day of the charter. When a gift certificate is being redeemed, it can be applied to the deposit. The same policies will apply to the use of a gift certificate as any other deposit.

Boarding and Departure

The vessel will be available for boarding at least 10 minutes before the departure time and the charterer agrees to depart the vessel immediately following docking. If charterer arrives after the agreed upon departure time, additional time will not be granted and the boat will return at the previously scheduled and agreed upon time. No price adjustment will be made. We are unable to hold the boat for late arrivals on the public trips.


Owner represents that the vessel is fit for the voyage, which shall be undertaken rain or shine. However, owner reserves the right to shorten or terminate the voyage if, in opinion of the captain of the vessel, continuation of voyage is rendered hazardous or unduly uncomfortable by reason of riot, strikes, flood, fire, perils of the sea, or mechanical breakdown. If the charterer or its guests are late or otherwise desire to shorten the time of the charter of the vessel, no refund or pro-rata adjustment will be made. All refunds will be remitted in the same form as the original payment except in the case of a cash payment, where the refund will be made by company check from Aqua Safari Charters, LLC.


Charterer understands and agrees that at all times the use of the passenger areas are under care and custody of the charterer, who agrees to keep these areas clean and safe for the benefit of its guests. In the event any guests are injured in the passenger areas during the charter, unless caused by the negligence of the owner, the charterer agrees to hold owner harmless from liability. In the event the conduct of the charterer or the guests interferes with the safe navigation of the vessel, or endangers the vessel, crew, or passengers, or violates any federal, or state laws or regulations, the captain shall have the unrestricted right to terminate the charter under such circumstances and contact the proper authorities if warranted. There will be no refund of any portion of the charter fee.


On public charters, a full refund will be given when cancellation occurs with a minimum 5 day notice period prior to the reservation date. On private charters, deposits are refundable if cancellation is received at least 21 days prior to the departure date. Moving the departure date less than the notice period will result in a forfeiture of the deposit and a new deposit will be required for the new date. All trips are subject to and affected by the weather. In the event of weather cancellation by the Captain, Aqua Safari Charters, LLC can apply your deposit to a future trip or refund the full amount as per customer preference. The Captain is solely responsible for making the decision of a weather cancellation.


The use of illegal drugs and substances will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of the event and reported to authorities. There will be no refund to the charterer due to a charter being terminated for this reason.

Passenger Limits

The number of persons permitted on board the vessel at any given time shall not exceed the maximum number of passengers and crew allowed by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Special Provisions Pertaining to Infants and Children

Parent/Guardian understands that the Coast Guard has not approved any model of lifejacket for children weighing less than 35 pounds while onboard any Coast Guard Inspected vessels. Parents/Guardians assume liability and will be responsible for the safety of infants and must provide lifejackets that are of proper size and fit for infants in order to board the vessel with the infant. Parents/Guardians additionally assume liability and will be responsible for the safety of children while on board the vessel and it is the sole decision of the parent/guardian to require that children wear a lifejacket of proper size and fit while on board the vessel. No one weighing 35 pounds or less will be allowed aboard the vessel without a proper lifejacket (as outlined above).


It is the responsibility of the charterer to notify all guests in their party of the policies and regulations set forth in this document.